VaultLogix Generates Profits Amid International Storage Push

VaultLogix Generates Profits Amid International Storage Push

Hit the "pricing" tab atop the VaultLogix web page, and you'll be able to get a quick quote based on the applications you use, the amount of data you're trying to store and how soon you will need to use the service. VaultLogix CEO Tim Hannibal (pictured) is willing to bet that quote will be lower than what the majority of other online storage backup companies would be able to offer.

"We're very aggressive in terms of pricing," said Hannibal, who founded VaultLogix and ran the company out of his basement way back in 1996. Since then VaultLogix has:

  • Acquired several small businesses;
  • opened offices in Massachusetts and Louisiana, with data centers in Massachusetts, Louisiana and Toronto;
  • accumulated over 5,000 MSP and SMB clients in 20 different countries; and
  • has been profitable every year since 2004.
So how did VaultLogix generate profits during the deep U.S. economic recession? It's pretty simple if you ask Hannibal: "We try to deliver the best value at the lowest price."

VaultLogix was one of the industry's early providers of on-site and off-site storage backup -- though many rivals now offer that hybrid approach. Many clients continue to store more data on-site than they send to VaultLogix. The agentless solution also integrates with such MSP-centric platforms as Autotask and ConnectWise (for professional services automatio) and Nimsoft and N-Able (for remote monitoring and management).

VaultLogix -- a GSA-Certified company -- has acquired multiple online storage-related companies and is now looking to open offices in Europe and Australia. Despite the company's growth, their target audience and mission remain the same -- the majority of VaultLogix's clients are MSP's within the SMB market. "Our products and services together are tailored to MSP's," said Hannibal. "But our core focus is the SMB environment, whether our partners and/or clients sell to them or we sell to them directly."

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