Seven Managed Services Blogs We Didn't Write: Dec. 18

I'm in D.C. awaiting my flight home to New York. It's my final business flight of the year. But before I board, here are seven managed services blog entries MSPmentor didn't have time to write for the week ending Dec. 18, 2009.

7. Another M&A: Data center infrastructure and services company Datalink Corp. acquired the reseller business of Colorado’s Incentra LLC for $8.8 million. Broomfield-based Incentra’s managed services and data center operations businesses were not included in the transaction, according to

6. EuroCloud?: If you're a European solution provider or MSP, are you hearing buzz about EuroCloud Seems like I'm getting lots of news pitches about the effort. But are readers interested? We're listening. Let me know.

5. Cisco Managed Email?: Check out this link from Cisco. Some readers tell me they're worried about Cisco moving into the managed email space. But I need to do some homework and give Cisco equal time on the topic.

4. Managed Endpoint Security: N-able and Panda Security officially announced an endpoint security relationship. The original announcement surfaced at the N-able partner conference several weeks back, but some folks didn't realize Panda was the security partner on the deal.

3. MSPmentor 100: Thanks to all those who participated in our third-annual MSPmentor 100 survey. Survey results will be announced in Q1.

2. HP Nearly Made Move?: Four separate sources from four separate companies tell us HP nearly acquired an MSP software provider but the due diligence revealed some cultural hurdles that couldn't be overcome. So, is HP moving onto a new target?

1. The Holidays: MSPmentor will continue to be updated throughout the holiday season. But if you're heading out on vacation, we wish you a happy, healthy holiday. And we look forward to seeing you in 2010.

Ooops... Last call for boarding my flight. Got to run. Back online -- from New York -- soon.

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