Seven Managed Services Blog Entries We Didn't Have A Chance to Write: Dec. 4

The week started off slowly. Then Thursday night turned into a blogging marathon with two big breaking stories. So what blogs didn't MSPmentor have a chance to write this week? Here are seven of them for the week ending Dec. 4, 2009.

7. Call for Speakers: The North American Managed Print Services conference (May 3-5, 2010) has issued a call for speakers.

6. Pending Sale?: There's a decent chance (50/50) at least one (or more) master MSPs will be sold before the end of 2009. The rumblings started about a month ago. If it happens, we'll try to report the multiple(s).

5. Careful with Those Comments: A reader asked me (multiple times) to remove his published comment from MSPmentor's comment area this week. I refused (multiple times). We take pride in hosting an open dialog on our sites. We've received 14,358 reader comments on our sites in 23 months. We block spam and porn comments. But we don't block words you may later regret. So think carefully before submitting a comment.

4. Upgrades Everywhere: Several MSP software providers will be launching platform upgrades in December and January. MSPmentor doesn't write much about features/functions, but we'll cover the business implications for MSPs. Also, watch our MSPmentor FastChat video section for executive interviews about each new launch.

3. Promotion: David Powell, an MSPmentor 250 member, is now VP of managed services at TekLinks. Congrats, David. Readers: If you've received a title change or made a career move, let us know.

2. MSPmentor 100 Update...: Roughly 45 percent of MSPmentor 100 survey participants say they are pushing into the desktop virtualization market. Interesting stat. More analysis next week. In the meantime. there's still time to participate in the survey, which closes Dec. 11. We'll announce the final MSPmentor 100 list -- covering the world's 100 most progressive MSPs -- in Q1 2010.

1. About that Networking Company: A few readers asked me for an update on the "unnamed" networking company that's looking to make MSP software acquisitions (speculation posted Nov. 20). As far as I know, no deals have been signed. But the discovery process on at least two software companies continues...

Bonus: Back with the SaaS 20 Stock Index update this weekend.

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