Say Hello to the MSPmentor 250 -- 2011 Edition

Say Hello to the MSPmentor 250 -- 2011 Edition

We're rolling out the fourth annual MSPmentor 250 list this week. The ENTIRE list is now live in our MSPmentor 250 center. The list is designed to help you rapidly build a Rolodex of managed services experts, entrepreneurs and executives. So what's different about this fourth-annual MSPmentor 250 project compared to previous research we've produced? Plenty. Here's an overview of our 2011 approach vs. previous years.

We surveyed the MSPmentor community April through June 24, 2011. We asked readers to identify top managed services experts across sales, marketing, technology, community building, coaching, executive leadership and more.

Along the way, readers asked us to make some enhancements to this year's effort. In particular readers wanted...

  • Live links to help find MSPmentor 250 leaders on social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Photos to help readers spot MSPmentor 250 leaders at industry conferences.
  • Video interviews to help get a better feel for what makes many of the MSPmentor 250 members tick.
We've included those items -- and plenty more -- as part of this year's MSPmentor 250. You'll find 50 new names surfacing each day here on MSPmentor, today through Friday, August 5. And once the entire list is unveiled we'll be back with a single, comprehensive download just in case you'd like to gather all of the MSPmentor 250 names in a single PDF.

In the meantime, take a peek at this year's MSPmentor 250. And thanks to those who participated -- worldwide -- in our survey to help build the list.
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