RES Software Grows Windows Management, Virtualization Business

RES Software, which develops Windows desktop management and virtualization software, is gaining momentum in several target markets. Indeed, the company says license sales over the past year have grown 185 percent in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Nordics regions. Next up, the company is investing to further accelerate momentum in New York,  Atlanta,  San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas, the company says.

What steps has RES taken to fuel growth? Here are three clues:

First, RES credits its RES Dynamic Desktop Studio solution for much of the company's growth. The software allows service providers and IT administrators to centrally manage a computing environment that provides access to applications, data, printing and personalized settings.

Second, RES has partnered with Citrix Systems to make it easier for customers to simultaneously deploy multiple RES solutions. Clients can use the Citrix Merchandising Server to deploy the RES Workspace Manager, RES Virtual Desktop Extender Plug-in (VDX) and agents from the RES Automation Manager.

Finally, RES has solidified many of its key technology partnerships through the first half of 2011. The company was elevated to Citrix Ready Leadership Partner, signed a long-term commitment with the Microsoft System Center and launched the RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer (BDA) based on Microsoft Windows Azure, and is a member of the Microsoft Managed ISV Partner Program.

Of course, it's important to keep sales growth claims in perspective. We don't have actual revenue or profit figures for RES Software, so it's difficult to pinpoint whether the software license growth has lifted the company's profits.

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