Quest Software: Insight Venture Partners Beat Dell Bid?

Quest Software: Insight Venture Partners Beat Dell Bid?

Did Insight Venture Partners and Dell have a quiet bidding war for Quest Software (NASDAQ: QSFT)? And did Insight win the showdown to own the desktop virtualization, IT administration and managed services software company? That's the latest rumor. Here's the update.

According to Bloomberg:

"Insight Venture Partners topped a $25.50-a-share bid that Quest Software Inc. (QSFT) received from an unidentified strategic bidder, according to a person familiar with matter who asked not to be named because the negotiations are private."
Dell has never publicly confirmed that it bid for Quest Software. Insight Venture Partners, meanwhile, in March 2012 bid about $2 billion for Quest Software but a higher bid (allegedly from Dell) arrived during a "go shop" period over the past 60 days or so. If the latest reports are correct, Insight is back in the lead as the potential top bidder for Quest. We'll keep you posted

Managed services providers (MSPs), virtualization specialists and Microsoft customers have been watching Quest Software's fate closely.Among the reasons:
  • Quest owns PacketTrap, which develops PSA (professional services automation and RMM (remote monitoring and management) software;
  • Quest also develops desktop virtualization software that competes with VMware and Citrix Systems; and
  •  the company helps Microsoft customers with Exchange, SharePoint and Office 365 migrations.
MSPmentor will continue to track Quest Software's ownership status.
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