Nimsoft Managed Services: Expanding Down Under (to Australia)

MSPmentor has been tracking Australia's managed services market for about a year now. Overall, I suspect the Australia MSP opportunity is about one-tenth the size of the North American opportunity. But that's still a big chunk of revenue up for grabs -- which explains why Nimsoft is evangalizing a big managed services win in Australia.

Among the recent developments: Interactive, an Australian managed service provider, has deployed Nimsoft's Monitoring Solutions (NMS). Interactive specializes in business recovery planning, disaster recovery and good old hardware maintenance.

The Interactive-Nimsoft news comes one week after Nimsoft launched Business Service Management (BSM) Express for MSPs and corporate IT departments. (Here's Nimsoft CEO Gary Read's perspective on BSM.)

So, Nimsoft -- like many of its rivals -- is diversifying both in terms of products and geographic reach.

No doubt, virtually all of the major MSP software providers are making moves in Australia -- where demand for managed services is growing 20 percent per year and will reach $800 million by 2013, predicts Frost & Sullivan.

Longer term, you can track the market using our Regional menu system near the top of this page. It includes a section fully devoted to Australia.

Side note: Interactive has also earned a GreenPower accreditation for renewable energy. While the MSPAlliance offers Green IT Certification (earned by such companies as NTRglobal and Anexio), GreenPower caught my eye because Australia's government runs the accreditation program.

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