MSPAlliance Responds to CompTIA-MSP Partners Deal

MSPAlliance Responds to CompTIA-MSP Partners Deal

mspalliance-president-charles-weaverMSPAlliance President Charles Weaver (pictured) has offered up his thoughts regarding CompTIA's acquisition of MSP Partners (the deal was announced earlier today). Here's a recap of Weaver's perspectives, plus my two cents.

According to Weaver's blog:

"...when MSPPartners was formed two years ago many MSPs were fearful that their industry would be governed by a vendor driven group. Today's news that CompTIA would be asuming control of MSPPartners alleviates that threat, hopefully once and for all. As the president of the MSPAlliance, I believe this is good for the industry and is a step in the right direction."
Frankly, I've never heard from an MSP that was "fearful" of MSP Partners. If the industry was fearful, why did 5,000 VARs sign up to join MSP Partners?

Still, it's good to hear Weaver sees the CompTIA-MSP Partners deal as a step in the right direction. Weaver also mentions MSPAlliance's various claims to fame -- first accreditation program, first green IT certification, etc. And he points out that "For the past six months MSPAlliance has been developing two groundbreaking programs and strategic alliances that will solidify relations between MSPAlliance members and end-user businesses."

End User Education Needs to Accelerate

Looks like my original blog entry this morning hit a nerve. To recap: In order for the managed services market to continue rapid growth, it must increasingly extend into end-user organizations. I know MSPAlliance has been working on its end-consumer efforts. But ultimately, most end-customers still don't understand the value of working with an accredited MSP.

Until end user mind share increases, the MSP industry will struggle to go from good to great. This isn't an MSPAlliance issue. It's an industry issue.

Weaver also confirms that he's open to an ongoing dialog with CompTIA. He writes:
"In closing, do I believe MSPAlliance and CompTIA can coexist? Absolutely. I believe there is very little overlap between our two organizations and I look forward to exploring the possibilities of our two venerated associations working more closely together for the betterment of the managed services industry."
A cordial closing, to be sure.

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