MSP Mergers and Acquisitions: More Deals Before 2013? (Yes)

Several managed services providers (MSPs) and cloud services providers (CSPs) are expected to announce merger and acquisition deals within the next few weeks, and a few of those deals could surface before New Year's 2013. In some cases, I believe a few sell-side MSPs are racing to beat the fiscal cliff -- hoping to complete financial transactions this year ahead of potential business tax hikes in 2013. So what can we expect over the next two to three weeks? Here are the early clues.

For the most part, the rumored deals seem to be more of the same: MSPs and CSPs seeking to push into specific regions through M&A activities. We've also heard about two MSPs that have retained M&A advisors as part of an effort to help buy-side MSPs target a handful of sellers for potential acquisition.

Sorry for the vague statements so far. But for those who are working a bit through the holidays the picture will become far more clearer over the next few days or weeks. MSPmentor is working behind the scenes to confirm the facts and identify the business drivers for each potential deal. In the meantime I sense they're coming. Really soon.

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