Kaseya Launching Australia MSP Conference, User Group

The managed services land grab continues in Australia. The latest move involves Kaseya launching a managed services user conference (called Think Tank 09) and a series of user groups across the country. Here are some perspectives on Kaseya's moves plus the bigger managed services picture in Australia.

First, Kaseya's moves. Roughly 75 MSPs are expected to attend Kaseya's Think Tank 09 event in Sydney, Australia on August 25, according to Tim Dickinson, regional director for Kaseya in Australia and New Zealand.

"This is our first move in hosting a User Group [in Australia], but the desired outcome from this event is that partners can take ownership in their areas and form frequent localized events with the support of Kaseya," Dickinson wrote in an email to me.

Kaseya has been particularly active in Australia and New Zealand. Most recently the company opened an office in New Zealand, where Kaseya says it has 100 customers.

Competition Looms

Kaseya isn't alone in the Australia managed services market. As MSPmentor has reported:
I spent October 2008 in Australia speaking at at a managed services road show hosted by Kaseya and Intel. Based on the market research I've read, the Australia IT market is roughly one-tenth that of North America. Still, the MSP industry has shifted from the bleeding edge stage to an early adopter or perhaps even mass adopter stage in Australia. It seems as if Australian VARs have accelerated their moves to managed services in recent months.

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