IBM, Seagate Push Deeper Into Managed Services

Byte and Switch, a web site that covers storage and networking, offers interesting perspective on recent acquisitions at IBM and Seagate. The IBM deal (acquiring Arsenal Digital) and Seagate's move (buying MetaLINCS) both have strong managed services angles, according to the site. Surprised? You shouldn't be.

As we mentioned in our 10 Managed Services Predictions for 2008, traditional IT vendors will continue to push deeper into managed services. Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, McAfee, Symantec... and the list goes on.

Symantec has clearly articulated that its managed services platform -- the Symantec Protection Network -- will depend heavily on partners. And Cisco has openly stated that its managed services programs are designed to accelerate VAR engagements. The networking company has firmly maintained that it doesn't plan to compete with VARs or MSP platform providers.

Still, MSPs should brace for heightened competition from traditional IT vendors. In particular, you've got to expect Microsoft to open its wallet and buy a platform provider.

In the meantime, many MSP-related deals are flying below the radar. Kudos to Byte and Switch for articulating how IBM and Seagate are buying their way into more MSP opportunities.

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