HTG: European and Australian MSPs Network Up

htg peer groupsEven as the managed services market expands, the world shrinks. A case in point: MSPs located in Europe and Australia are beginning to network with one another through HTG Peer Groups. Here are some perspectives, including views from HTG President Scott Scrogin, who recently returned from a series of MSP-related meetings in Australia.

A range of organizations run peer groups, which allow VARs and MSPs to share best practices and financial information under a cone of silence. HTG got its start in North America, but recently expanded into Europe and Australia. The typical group includes a dozen CEOs representing VARs and MSPs. And each executive comes from non-competing regions.

HTG has standardized on Microsoft SharePoint and ConnectWise's PSA software to help drive collaboration and best practices. (Somewhat similarly, Taylor Business Group has started a peer effort for Autotask users.)

Back at HTG, Scrogin offers plenty of background in the following video. But for those who are reasonably familiar with the peer group concept, Scrogin offers some deeper insights. First up: MSPs in Europe and Australia are starting to network with one another. Second, the Australia managed services market is looking more and more like the U.S. market -- though certainly labor and compensation differences remain.

MSPmentor FastChat Video

Here's my FastChat conversation with Scrogin:

The video covers...

0:00 Introduction
0:12 HTG Peer Groups -- the mission and focus for VARs and MSPs
0:53 HTG's expansion into Europe and Australia
1:22 Will VARs and MSPs network up across continents?
2:10 Australia MSP seeks UK presence
2:30 HTG's observations of the Australia managed services market
3:10 Pricing and customer-centric questions remain
3:35 Cost of labor issues in Australia
3:55 Vacation time and the impact on availability
4:18 More information about HTG
4:36 Conclusion

Getting Organized

Somewhat like peer groups, MSP software providers have been organizing user groups in Europe and Australia. In recent months, Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya and N-able each have hosted user group meetings in Australia.
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