HP-EDS: One Critic's Opinion

Jeff Kaplan, a SaaS and managed services thought leader at Think IT Services, has some pretty strong opinions about Hewlett-Packard's buyout of Electronic Data Systems.

I think Jeff and I are on the same page. HP gains new scale and little overlap by acquiring EDS. On Tuesday I pointed out that EDS doesn't do much -- if anything -- for HP's SaaS and managed services efforts.

But Jeff uses far more direct language when describing HP's SaaS and managed services shortcomings so far.

In a May 13 blog post he writes:

Since HP has also failed to establish any thought-leadership or demonstrate any market leading capabilities in the SaaS or managed services markets, it isn't likely that [HP] will be a catalyst for change within EDS' calcified operations.
Ouch. I was a bit (but not much) more diplomatic when I declared that MSPs should celebrate the HP-EDS combo because the deal will lead to extended distractions within HP -- and little progress on the managed services front.

So, are you celebrating -- or worried about HP-EDS?
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