How to Track SaaS and Managed Services Funding

As the hype about software as a service (SaaS) and managed services continues, it's sometimes difficult to keep track of all the startups and young companies that receive venture funding. But I just stumbled across a Web site that may help you track how investors are pumping money into SaaS and MSP start-ups.

The new site, called FundingSleuth, describes itself as follow: is a free automated alert service, allowing you to track up to 50 companies and receive an email alert if there are any changes in their SEC filings. Just read about a company in Techcrunch or VentureBeat? Track their fundraising progress on FundingSleuth. Want to know when your competition raises money? Just enter the Company name into FundingSleuth and get an email alert when their round closes.
I'm still investigating FundingSleuth and can't say for sure whether the site works as advertised. However, it's a promising concept.

You can also track the financial side of SaaS and managed services by visiting our own MSPmentor M&A Tracker and our SaaS 20 Stock Index.
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