How to Track MSP Mergers and Acquistions

How to Track MSP Mergers and Acquistions

HandshakeIf you're in the managed services market, no doubt you've noticed a lot of merger and acquisition activity in recent months. That got us thinking: Is there a way for managed service providers to easily follow M&As as they happen? Also, is there an easy way to research the strategic business value (and financial value) of MSPs?

We searched the Web and didn't find much help. So we decided to launch the MSPmentor M&A Tracker. Look at our site menu system above, scan to an area called Your Business, and you'll notice a convenient M&As link.

Our MSPmentor M&A Tracker provides a running list of M&A deals, plus links to our ongoing coverage, M&A press releases and more. The M&A Tracker is a work in progress, so please give it a look and share your comments. Also, please alert us if you spot a deal that MSPmentor should be following.

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