GFI Software's Next Managed Services Weapon: Monitis

GFI Software's Next Managed Services Weapon: Monitis

I'm still gathering data and proof points, but anecdotal evidence suggests GFI Software is gaining momentum with managed services providers (MSPs). One reason: The company's GFI Max organization continues to diversify its product portfolio. And the latest GFI Max offering to watch is Monitis, a cloud and website monitoring platform.

I can't share details quite yet (stay tuned...), but I've seen a few milestones that suggest GFI Software has a critical mass of MSPs worldwide. Many MSPs know about the GFI Max RemoteManagement platform. It's designed to help MSPs manage customers' on-premise equipment. Now, GFI Software also is promoting Monitis, which helps MSPs to monitor cloud-based infrastructure and applications.

Many RMM (remote monitoring and management) software providers have been extending their on-premise tools to support cloud-oriented monitoring. Chief among them is Level Platforms, which has positioned Managed Workplace for both on-premise and cloud-centric monitoring.

GFI Max Meets Monitis

GFI's strategy is slightly different. Instead of extending GFI Max RemoteManagement to maintain cloud apps and cloud infrastructure, GFI went out and acquired Monitis in October 2011. And now, Monitis has launched a new extension to its platform. The extension is called Synthetic End-User Transaction Monitoring. Monitis claims the new software lets customers "identify and address potential problems in their online business processes before they can have a negative impact on user experience and online revenue generation."

While most MSPs are not yet familiar with Monitis, the tool has attracted more than 80,000 users worldwide, GFI Software claims. The Monitis platform supports website monitoring, site load testing, transaction monitoring, application and database monitoring, cloud resource monitoring, and server and internal network monitoring.

Now here's the twist: Monitis can also monitor on-premise equipment, so I wonder if it will have some overlap with the existing GFI Max RemoteManagement platform...

I'll be exploring that question -- and some key GFI Software business metrics -- in the days ahead.

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