European Managed Services: More Victory Claims

Following our European Land Grab blog post, my inbox and voicemail lit up yesterday. Multiple managed service provider software companies wanted to let MSPmentor know that they are succeeding in Europe. Here's the latest, this time featuring some perspectives from Autotask, ConnectWise and Nimsoft.

First, a key note for all readers: It's impossible for MSPmentor to check in with "all" vendors for "all" stories. However, MSPmentor is designed as an open forum where ALL readers are encouraged to post comments, offer opinions and debate our coverage. Feel free to slam us, praise us or educate us in the comments section.

European Update

Now, back to the issue at hand. What's going on with the European managed services market? As I reported yesterday, we've reached a mass tipping point. The first-mover stage is over. Multiple European companies will appear on the MSPmentor 100 when we unveil the list and research report on February 11. (Here's how you can see the list first.)

And virtually all MSP software companies have either (A) established a foothold in Europe or (B) are making moves now.

Autotask Chief Marketing Officer Bob Vogel is quick to note that his company has offices in Europe and now offers Autotask Go! in the UK. It sounds like rival ConnectWise is making similar moves.

ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini just returned from Europe, where the company has about 70 customers and has set up its first local user group. Bellini told me this morning that ConnectWise is evaluating whether to open an office or work with training partners in Europe. Next up, ConnectWise plans to offer a hosted version of its software in Europe before pushing onto Australia. (Yes, the Austalia MSP industry is growing fast too.)

Meanwhile, Nimsoft says Europe now represents about 50 percent of the company's business. The software company has dedicated EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) sales and presales resource for MSPs, and roughly 200 MSPs are using Nimsoft's technology across the region, according to Tim Bisley VP of EMEA at Nimsoft.

Keeping Things In Perspective

Even as MSP software companies claim victory in Europe it's important to keep the situation in proper perspective.

One reason software companies are pushing so hard into Europe is because it's getting increasingly difficult to maintain sales growth rates in North America, which remains mired in the recession. So software companies -- where boards of directors and investors demand growth -- have no choice but to enter new markets.

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