Does Anybody Running for President Understand Finance?

Lehman Brothers shares are down 94 percent from their 52-week high, because Wall Street thinks the investment bank may not survive. Bear Stearns has already gone off a cliff. And the government is taking over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yet the political news media focuses on colorful insults between the McCain and Obama camps. What's wrong with this picture?

Whether you're conservative, liberal or middle-of-the-road, you've got to wonder: When is this run for the Presidency going to get back to the issues? The economy. The war. Education. Health care. Energy. And so much more.

In the managed services industry alone, we need to know that lines of credit won't dry up amid this financial turmoil. And as a small business owner focused on the Internet, I want to hear how the candidates' policies are going to impact my business.

US lives are on the line, here and abroad. Families are losing their homes. Blue chip companies are imploding. Surely, we deserve more from our candidates (and our media) than attack ads, attack statements and colorful sound bites.

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