DirectPointe, Top MSP, Launches New Company

DirectPointe, Top MSP, Launches New Company

DirectPointe, the top managed service provider in our 2007-2008 MSPmentor 100 report, apparently has spun off a new company called CentralPointe. The start-up intends to blend open source and cloud computing to make IT more affordable and easier to manage. An official announcement about CentralPointe is expected the week of December 1, but here are some early details.

CentralPointe CEO Michael ProperA spokeswoman for DirectPointe says CentralPointe is now officially a company and separate from DirectPointe. Plus, DirectPointe founder Mike Proper (pictured) is CEO and President of CentralPointe, and no longer with DirectPointe. An interim CentralPointe web site has launched at, the spokeswoman added.

I don't know who will lead DirectPointe now that Proper is transitioning to CentralPointe, but it sounds like DirectPointe is in good shape; DirectPointe disclosed strong quarterly results in October.

The CentralPointe Strategy

As I've noted in previous blog entries, Proper is one of the most aggressive and pro-active people I've met in the MSP industry. He's also evangelizes the use of open source for managed services, SaaS and cloud computing. Translation: Mike and I see eye to eye on a lot of issues.

Take a look at the CentralPointe solutions page, and it sounds like Proper is blending on-premise software with on-demand services. Imagine, for instance, if Microsoft Small Business Server and Microsoft's online services worked together to give users the most reliable, scalable and cost-effective IT solution.

To me, it sounds like Proper is trying to apply that exact strategy using a different set of tools. Instead of leveraging proprietary closed-source systems, CentralPointe is building everything on top of open source.

Of course, these are my preliminary "best guesses" regarding CentralPointe. I suspect Proper and I will speak in the days ahead. When we connect, I will report back with more thoughts on CentralPointe.

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