ConnectWise Capital: Software Partners Weigh In

I've spent the past 24 hours reaching out to software companies that partner with ConnectWise. My question: What's your initial reaction to ConnectWise Capital, the company's $20 million effort to incubate channel-centric technology companies. The responses ranged from skepticism to applause. Here's a recap.

For the most part, software executives are taking a "wait and see" approach to ConnectWise Capital. Some executives declined comment or didn't reply at all -- a rare event in the managed services software market.

One CEO noted that running a software company as well as a venture fund could be a challenging balancing act. Others say they're intrigued to see which companies receive ConnectWise Capital funding.

Then, Zenith Infotech CEO Akash Saraf offered up this perspective via email:

"I think [ConnectWise Capital] this is a very good step. It is kind of similar to how Zenith has made an investment in Kutenda, and helped engineer the Kutenda product...

...This allows for creative ideas coming from partners to be used across the MSP space. Such ideas don't need a lot of capital and also don't need a lot of the wasteful marketing expense."

Similar Strategies?

Zenith Infotech's Saraf invested in Kutenda in April 2009. Kutenda allows managed service providers to offer web marketing services to their customers. Mike Cooch, CEO of Everon Technology Services, is founder of Kutenda.

Saraf also has his eye on the telepresence market -- meaning that he'll need to cooperate and compete with numerous networking companies. That balancing act seems to be a growing theme.

Meanwhile, ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini offered up more background about ConnectWise Capital in this comment post.
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