Coming Soon: The Ultimate MSP Emergency Plan?

Coming Soon: The Ultimate MSP Emergency Plan?

Imagine the following business scenario: A hurricane knocks your managed services business offline. Your family suffers personal losses during the storm. And your customers are also in the dark. Could your business survive as you scramble to put the pieces of your own life back together? Instead of pressing the panic button, MSPs that participate in HTG Peer Groups will soon have an emergency help line. Here are some preliminary details.

During an HTG Dallas meeting scheduled for May, the peer group is expected to unveil an emergency fund to help members through times of crisis. Each HTG member will contribute to the fund, which could be tapped in the event of a member emergency -- potentially funding travel or other expenses to help MSPs assist one another amid a crisis. Hardware and software companies are also expected to contribute resources to the effort.

HTG Founder Arlin Sorensen described the effort to me this week during a sit-down at the HP Americas Partner Conference in Las Vegas. Instead of talking cloud computing and managed services, we spent considerable time discussing a familiar Sorensen theme: Life-work balance, and giving rather than receiving.

During previous emergency situations, HTG Peer Group members have chipped in to help one another, with some members incurring out-of-pocket travel expenses and lost time in their own businesses. In some cases, the MSP in need may have declined help for reasons of pride. But the forthcoming fund should help those in need to accept the peer assistance without feelings of guilt, Sorensen noted.

Of course, I'm skipping a bunch of details:

  • How much with member MSPs contribute annually?
  • What types of commitments will hardware and software companies make to the effort?
  • Which emergency situations will warrant tapping the fund?
Instead of posing those questions to Sorensen earlier this week I simply listened. I liked the concept and figured I could wait to hear deeper details when they surface at the HTG Dallas gathering in May.

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