SIRIS utilizes a new technology that dramatically simplifies the backup and recovery process. By employing inverse chain technology, SIRIS eliminates the traditional backup chain. SIRIS takes data directly from the server and converts it into virtual machines (.vmdk files) that can be booted instantly from a remote web interface. This new way of storing data allows for instant on- and off-site recovery and can prevent businesses from having to experience costly downtime in the event of a catastrophe. Following every backup, a test virtualization is performed and confirmation is sent via email. SIRIS sets the new standard for business continuity, providing companies with an advanced insurance policy against loss of data and downtime.

SIRIS contains another industry-first feature: verification of backup, bootability and hardware independent restore. After a backup, the image file is test booted and a screenshot of the booted VM is emailed as confirmation that the backup occurred, that it’s bootable and can be recovered instantly. Flexible scheduling for screenshot verifications allows you to set the parameters for the frequency of screenshot verifications, which can happen as often as every hour. When the automated verification occurs, the screenshot is emailed as part of your backup report. These screenshots are not only a useful resource to confirm data integrity, but also reveal server damage or corruption before it is readily apparent to users.

The SIRIS backup process eliminates the area where problems arise most with a traditional backup process: the backup chain. SIRIS takes your data and converts it directly into a .vmdk file each time a backup occurs. Your most recent backup image is always the base image and does not rely on past incrementals to restore data. Since each backup is a fully bootable virtual machine, there is no need for a conversion process to occur before performing a restore. Finally, inverse chain technology means data is always available immediately.

SIRIS is designed to be fully managed both locally and over the web via Datto’s secure web interface. The interface provides easy access and control over the full range of SIRIS’ new features and diagnostics. There is no need to RDP into a server or core.

Because SIRIS backup files are .vmdk files, they can be booted instantly for virtualization on the local appliance for rapid on-site restore. The SIRIS virtualized environment is the ideal test bed for patches and new applications. In this virtual environment, you can identify conflicts or problems without impacting production resources.

SIRIS provides unprecedented control when it comes to transferring data off-site. An entirely new sync method allows you to choose how frequently each agent syncs updates off-site. It is no longer required that every local backup be copied to the cloud. In addition, SIRIS performs off-site syncs in parallel, meaning that large changes to one agent will not affect the syncs of other agents.

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