Geoff Barrall CEO of Connected Data

Geoff Barrall, CEO of Connected Data

Study: Thirty-Three Percent of Companies Want New FSS Solutions

New research from Connected Data suggests that file, sync and share solutions are growing in popularity among companies with mobile and remote workforces.

The growth of mobile and remote workers has led many companies to consider new methods of making enterprise data available without comprising sensitive information. Among these solutions are file, sync and share (FSS), which allow users to remotely store information in a repository that can be updated and accessed from any location. While these solutions has been around for several years, it seems that many companies are beginning to realize the innate advantages that come with file, sync and share as the workforce continues to spread beyond the traditional office setting.

Connected Data and Wilson Research Group recently conducted a survey consisting of 123 respondents from companies with more than 1,000 employees, and found nearly a third of companies said they are looking to either adopt a new FSS solution (21 percent) or adopt their first FSS system (13.6 percent) within the next twelve months. These figures indicate the growing importance many companies place on having a secure location for their information that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, to accommodate the growing mobile and remote workforce.

When asked to name their top five objectives when implementing a new FSS solution, IT managers, executives and directors cited a need to increase teamwork and collaboration as well as to provide a repository for remote employees to store documents. Additionally, these respondents said providing mobile access for employees and providing a means for data backup were also top concerns when choosing to implement FSS. Finally, respondents said FSS would more easily allow them to share and distribute large files that could not be sent over email.

"The Wilson Research Group study confirms the rapidly growing need for secure and compliant FSS solutions-particularly for larger companies," said Geoff Barrall, CEO of Connected Data, in a statement. "From the data it is clear that these companies are looking for solutions that are able to deliver all the convenience of public cloud, combined with the security, performance, protection and control that only a private cloud onsite solution can provide.”

When asked whether they would rather own their own solution or rely on a third-party vendor for file, sync and share, 87.3 percent of respondents said they would want to own and manage their own FSS. Respondents also said they would utilize FSS to acquire an offsite backup capability and to eliminate the use of unauthorized service providers by implementing a company-wide solution.

Connected Data sells its own Transporter solution for enterprise file, sync and share, but there are a number of different options available if your organization is looking to adopt a new platform or invest in FSS for the first time. With the data provided in the survey, channel partners and cloud service providers looking to sell FSS solutions should focus on their customers’ need to accommodate the growing remote and mobile workforce if they wish to profit in this market.

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