Perceptive Software Chief Technology Officer Brian Anderson

Perceptive Software Chief Technology Officer Brian Anderson

Lexmark's Perceptive Cloud Share: Here's What CSPs Need to Know

Lexmark's (LXK's) Perceptive Software has launched a new cloud-based content management service.

Lexmark's (LXK) Perceptive Software has unveiled a new cloud-based service that offers "best-of-breed rich content management."

The company's Perceptive Cloud Share is designed to help enterprises manage large audio, photo and video files in the cloud.

Perceptive Software said the service enables users to upload various file formats simultaneously.

The service provides "a lightweight, scalable and intuitive cloud solution that simplifies management and sharing of rich media and other social content in the enterprise," according to the company.

Perceptive Cloud Share can also do the following:

  • Capable of storing content in the cloud or connecting to existing storage systems
  • Does not require additional infrastructure for file management or storage
  • Enables users to upload and share video files from any device

Users also can add custom bookmarks, comments and metadata to make it easier to find specific sections of videos.

"Perceptive Cloud Share is a cloud-based service that simplifies the capture, storage and sharing of content and rich media, helping customers solve the unstructured information challenges associated with large video, photo and audio files. Rich functionality combined with enterprise-grade access control -- all built on the Perceptive Evolution platform -- make Perceptive Cloud Share an ideal 'Corporate Tube' solution," Perceptive Software Chief Technology Officer Brian Anderson said in a prepared statement.

Many enterprises need cloud management and storage tools, Perceptive Software said, and the company's new cloud service allows them to store their content in the cloud "without compromising security or overburdening IT."

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