Zetta Cloud Storage Goes Live

Zetta Cloud Storage Goes Live

zetta-cloud-storageZetta, an enterprise-level cloud storage service available to managed service providers and VARs, finally leaves a long closed beta phase and becomes available to the channel at large today. Sure, online storage is an increasingly crowded market, but Zetta claims to have licked a few challenges that plague their peers. Here's how.

What sets Zetta apart? We haven't tested the system, but the company claims its service integrates into existing networks better than their competitors by using existing protocols. Zetta also claims to offer better security and stability to boot. One of the bullet points they're most proud of is their network snapshot/replication feature, a common feature for on-site storage solutions that's apparently rare in the cloud.

"We give them everything a current NAS system would give them," says Zetta CEO and Co-founder Jeff Treuhaft, a veteran of VeriSign, NetScape and Silicon Graphics.

Zetta's backups cost $0.25/GB a month for one terabyte, and you can increase your storage on the fly as you need it. They have no tiered service -- all of their customers get all of their features, including customer service, future protocol and API support, and free performance upgrades as they become available.

Interestingly, Treuhaft says small businesses often have more sophisticated storage needs than larger enterprises -- so Zetta caters to everyone, regardless of company size. The only thing their clients have in common, he says, is that they tend to come looking for storage when they hit the 20 terabyte mark, and small businesses especially can benefit from making sure backups are someone else's (namely Zetta's) problem and saving on IT staff.

Crowded Market

Still, Zetta is entering a crowded market. More than 80 percent of the MSPs filling out our current MSPmentor 100 survey already offer some sort of managed storage. (Though that figure could change, since the survey is open until December 11, 2009).

And competition looms around every corner. A sampling of moves:
Frankly, SaaS storage options facing MSPs can be overwhelming. But many MSPs are at an inflection point. Earlier today, MSPmentor noted that masterIT -- an MSPmentor 100 company -- was evaluating its next backup and recovery move.

Looking ahead, Zetta hopes to inject itself into those types of discussions.

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