Which Managed Services Platform Should I Buy?

Which Managed Services Platform Should I Buy?

managed-services-decisionsForgive me for the following rant, but it has been building inside of me for about a month. Our Ask A Mentor service receives numerous reader questions each week. But the one I see over and over again reads as follows: "We are considering remote monitoring and management software from vendor A, vendor B and vendor C. Which one do you recommend?" Here's my standard answer...

"I apologize, but you're asking the wrong person the wrong question."

As MSPmentor approaches two years in the market, I'm still stunned by the number of people who get completely distracted by the tool selection process. No doubt, selecting the most appropriate RMM (remote monitoring and management) and PSA (professional services automation) solutions is a critical step for your business.

But don't choose a tool based on what a blogger says. Instead, choose the tool based on your company's first-hand experience testing the tool. It's like buying a house or like buying a car: You need to tour the house -- multiple times. You need to test drive the car -- multiple times. Generally speaking, RMM and PSA software providers are eager to help you test their software.

Now here's my most important point: Your success (or failure) as an MSP is a business conversation, not a tool conversation. Executive leadership. Sales. Marketing. Lead generation. Customer support. You need to master all the basics of business to succeed as an MSP. Even the best managed services tools can't help you overcome lousy business leadership.

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