Webcast: 6 Questions MSPs Must Ask Before Making RMM Switch

There's a lot of noise in the managed services software market. Some MSPs are hitting a scalability wall because they chose software tools that don't match their business needs. How can you get back on track? Join us for our January 26 Webcast -- which will cover six business questions you must ask yourself before switching out your RMM (remote monitoring and management) software. Here's a closer look at the anticipated discussion.

Content: During the January 26 webcast we'll cover:

  1. When Is It Time?: Knowing when you've really hit a scalability wall
  2. How to Decide?: How to set up a cross-functional team for proof-of-concept moves
  3. Who Makes the Call?: Who should ultimately own software decisions in your company, and why
  4. Dollars and Cents: How to make sure your software partners are financially viable
  5. Getting Fit: How to determine if software can really make you a better business
  6. The ROI: How to determine the potential payoff of managed services software
Experts: Our guests on the webcast will include:
  • Clint Harder, Principal, The Corvid Group -- a consulting firm that works closely with MSPs
  • Craig Carter, CTO, Micromenders -- a leading MSP  that successfully navigated the decision process
  • Phil LaForge, VP Service Providers, Nimsoft -- sharing views and answering questions without pitching product
I'll be on-hand to moderate the discussion. And we expect to answer plenty of attendee questions during the January 26 webcast. Register now.

Bonus, Bonus: Use this single link to register now for our January 26 webcast as well as our February 16 webcast -- which will unveil this year's MSPmentor 100 list.
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