Under the Radar Conference: 24 SaaS and Cloud Start-ups Take Center Stage

Under the Radar Conference: 24 SaaS and Cloud Start-ups Take Center Stage

Under the Radar Conference for SaaS and CloudIf you thought the flood of cloud and SaaS (software as a service) start-ups was subsiding, guess again. During a conference called Under the Radar, roughly 24 newcomer SaaS and cloud companies will pitch their visions to session judges.

And here's an interesting twist: Microsoft's Mountain View, Calif., conference center will host the event, showing once again that the software giant remains plugged into the future of IT.

The Five I Already Know

Of the 24 presenting companies, I'm only familiar with five of them:
  • Axcient: Our sister site, TheVARguy.com, met with Axcient CEO Justin Moore back in March to discuss the company's hybrid on-premise/in cloud storage efffort. Seagate/Evault (now i365) veteran Victor Neeley has joined Axcient as VP of sales to drive the company’s partner program.
  • Eucalyptus: This is an open source cluster infrastructure for cloud computing. I wasn't familiar with it until Canonical announced plans to closely align Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04 with Eucalyptus.
  • Mezeo Software: I first came across this company last week. We traded email after our SaaS and cloud computing for VARs webcast. Looks like they're going to aggressively pitch their storage services to MSPs.
  • uTest, an online marketplace for software testing services. In other words, if you run a software company but don't have ample time or budget to hire a massive quality assurance team, you can have uTest's on-demand marketplace test and debut the code for you. A former OnForce employee whom I know pretty well now works at uTest.
  • Zetta, an online storage company. I first met with them last fall. A friend from high school organized our non-disclosure meeting, which included some of the executives who had a hand in launching Netscape Communications more than a decade ago.

Keeping Pace

I blog all day and all night about cloud, SaaS and managed services. Yet at this conference, I'm not familiar with 19 of the 24 companies presenting. I can only imagine how difficult it is for everyday business owners and technology managers to keep pace with emerging companies.

Thank you to Jeff Kaplan (the man behind the Think IT Services blog) for bringing the Under the Radar conference to my attention. Now, the conference -- and 19 new start-ups -- are on my radar.

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