Telesphere: Communications as a Service For MSPs?

Telesphere: Communications as a Service For MSPs?

Every now and then, MSPmentor gets an early tip from our readers about a company doing something really interesting in the service provider space. Enter Telesphere, which is developing a hosted PBX voice over IP (VoIP) offering for the MSP space. Here’s the lowdown on Telesphere.

Like other cloud internet telephony services, Telesphere says their business advantage is in taking the “brains” out of the phone closet and into a managed data facility where engineers watch over your phone system 24 x 7.

And with the “Telesphere Complete” service, the company will even provide the equipment and maintenance for a flat fee. And in the event of power loss at the local site, Telesphere keeps voicemail working and will reroute calls to customer-specified numbers.

Normally, I worry about oversaturation in SaaS and business services markets - everyone down to local telecoms are building hosted telephone services for the channel and otherwise. But I have a hunch that many enterprises value locality when it comes to their phone service, putting the Scottsdale, Arizona-based Telesphere in a good position in its market.

The only thing I’m left wondering is how pure voice hosted deployments can stack up against the kind of unified communications that Microsoft is pushing in the channel.

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