SMC Networks Ramps Up Managed Services Platform

When SMC Networks shipped its TigerAccess Managed Services platform in May 2009, I promised readers I'd get more details about SMC's managed services initiative.  Now, I'm back with some follow-up thoughts from Iain Kenney, director of product marketing for SMC. Here are some observations.

I'm my original blog, I noted that TigerAccess Managed Services are available in four configurations:

  • SMCMON111-0 - Monitoring and Reporting of Network Devices
  • SMCMON111-5 - Monitoring and Report of Network Devices with 5 Client Agents included
  • SMCMAN122-5 - Monitoring and Management of Network Devices with 5 Client Agents included
  • SMCMAN122-20 - Monitoring and Management of Network Devices with 20 Client Agents included
During a phone conversation with Kenney on June 22, he mentioned prices start at $3599.00 for a two-year service level agreement. At that price, VARs receive an network monitoring appliance that they can install on a customer premise.

The $3599.00 starter price for 111-0 is an up-front cost to VARs, though SMC is working on some leasing proposals with larger partners, notes Kenney.

The TigerAccess appliance monitors SNMP-enabled network devices, and feeds the information into an SMC cloud that VARs can access. "It's a centralized web/NOC system, so the VAR can see a single web page for alarms and alerts," says Kenney.

SMC's strategy reflects a growing trend toward hybrid on-premise/in cloud managed services. (Another hybrid proponent is itControl Suite.)

SMC's Kenney affirmed that the 111-0 offering is for switches, routers and other types of SNMP-enabled network infrastructure. The 111-5 option adds server, desktop and/or laptop support for five devices. At the 122-5 and 122-20 levels, the VAR's focus shifts from monitoring to proactive management of devices, in 5 to 20 device increments.

What You Need, When You Need It

Kenney noted that SMC is trying to avoid some the MSP industry's alleged shelfware problems. Specifically, some vendors reward MSPs with deep discounts if they take on hundreds of managed services software licenses that they don't necessarily need over the short haul. Some of those licenses become unused "shelfware" that the VARs and MSPs never actually use, but nevertheless pay for.

The current TigerAccess platform is considered SMC's 1.0 release. SMC expects to deliver version 1.1 in the next quarter or so. I'll check in with Kenney at that time to see how 1.1 differs from the original TigerAccess offering.
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