SMB Technology Network, Virtual Administrator: Let's Partner

The dance between user groups, IT franchises and MSP software specialists continues. The latest example involves SMB Technology Network -- an organization representing roughly 650 solutions providers -- stepping onto the dance floor with Virtual Administrator. Here's the news, plus some bigger-picture trends.

Virtual Administrator is a Master MSP that offers Hosted Kaseya, SonicWALL GMS, Intronis (online backup and restore), and SpamSoap (filtering and archiving) solutions to VARs and peer MSPs. Virtual Administrator, which positions itself as an "on-ramp to the MSP market," also offers a Trusted Advisor business coaching program for aspiring and established MSPs.

According to a joint press release, SMBTN members now have access to Virtual Administrator's hosted and business coaching services. Plus, the SMBTN members gain Virtual Administrator's preferred rates on (shared file storage) and other services.

The Bigger Picture

The SMBTN-Virtual Administrator relationship is the latest in a growing list of activities between user groups, IT franchises and MSP software specialists. Other recent examples include:
The bottom line: In some cases, it's too expensive for software providers to try to convert VARs into MSPs one company at a time. As a result,  software providers and Master MSPs are seeking ways to win multiple customer engagements through large-scale business relationships with user groups, member organizations and IT franchise operators.

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