Seven Managed Services Blog Entries We Didn't Have Time to Write: Oct. 23

Seven Managed Services Blog Entries We Didn't Have Time to Write: Oct. 23

managed-services-blogsFor the first time in about three months, our blogger team was off the road this week. In theory that means we kept up with our email and managed services news tips. But in reality, there's still plenty of chatter we didn't have time to cover. Here are the seven managed services blog entries we didn’t have time to write for the week ending Oct. 23.

7. Tracking the EuroCloud: A large group of technology companies has launched EuroCloud, which aims to grow the European SaaS and cloud market. At the same time, roughly 25 percent of our MSPmentor 100 survey participants (so far) are located in Europe. So, we need to check in with those European MSPs for their reaction to EuroCloud.

6. Call the Bullpen, Please: Hypothetically, let's say I've got a two-run lead in the seventh inning, My starting pitcher doesn't get along with my catcher. And I have the best bullpen in the world. My question: Why is my starting pitcher still on the mound? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller... Bueller?

5. Ingram Micro VTN: We're keeping a close eye on next week's Ingram Micro VTN (VentureTech Network) conference.  Watch for potential news out of the Ingram Micro Seismic team -- potentially involving the Global NOC relationship with NetEnrich.

4. More Free Stuff: MSPmentor is watching the free trend in managed services. The latest involves move than 100 free IT management application plug-ins for the Spiceworks remote management platform. Spiceworks says the free apps were developed in collaboration with major tech vendors (Intel, Dell, Microsoft, CDW, WebEx, Citrix LogMeIn) as well as by several "savvy" Spiceworks users.

3. Partnering and Growing: ConnectWise and MSP Services Network have partnered up. Plus, Deloitte says ConnectWise ranks among the fastest growing companies in North America. Plenty of additional ConnectWise partnership and integration news expected at ConnectWise Partner Summit (Nov. 4-6, Orlando).

2. Rallying Around Windows 7: Most MSP software providers introduced Windows 7 support on October 22. For a sampling of who's doing what, check out a range of Twitter feeds on

1. Eager for Change?: The MSP industry, it seems, is getting restless. I'm starting to hear from a growing number of mid-level managers who want to jump from one MSP software company to the next. Is the bloom off the rose in this industry? Or are people simply looking for new challenges?

As for me, I plan to stay where I am -- assuming readers don't throw me out of here.

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