SaaS: State of Wyoming, Virgin America Both Go Google

SaaS: State of Wyoming, Virgin America Both Go Google

Two major customer wins for Google in one day: The state of Wyoming and airline Virgin America say they’re migrating to the Google Apps cloud productivity suite. Better yet: Both migrations appear to have been managed by Google partners. Here’s the scoop.

According to the customary celebratory Google Enterprise blog post, Wyoming stands to save $1 million of taxpayer funds annually by moving all 10,000 state employees to the cloud. The announcement comes at what appears to be the end of a two-year competitive evaluation process, with Google partner Tempus Nova providing the winning bid.

Virgin America doesn’t have as m,any employees as Wyoming, but a different Google Enterprise blog post says that they look to cut their email costs alone by half by moving their 1,700 seats over to Google Apps. And beyond messaging, the airline gets better collaboration through Google Calendar, Google Talk, and Google Docs for the same cost.

Moreover, Virgin America gets to save 18 terabytes of legacy storage as messages move into the cloud. SADA Systems, the Google partner in charge of the Los Angeles Google Apps migration, got the nod in this case. In addition to deployment, SADA Systems will help Virgin America implement single sign-on user access so one password works all over.

Two related points: No sooner do I point out that Google Apps tends to focus on the small business than they announce two fairly large-scale deployments. And no sooner do I point out that Microsoft doesn’t focus on the SMB market then they launch Office 365.

The cloud market is never dull with Google and Microsoft around, so stay tuned to MSPmentor for more.

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