SaaS: More Google Apps Updates Arrive

SaaS: More Google Apps Updates Arrive

A post over at the Google Enterprise Blog highlights the new features that have been made available to users of the ever-more-popular Google Apps cloud productivity suite over the past few weeks. Headlining the list is the long-awaited (by MSPmentor, at any rate) revision history for Google Docs. Here’s the scoop.

The new features, per that blog entry:

  • Revision history for documents - changes to a document are highlighted, with every collaborator getting a different color. It looks to be very similar to the “Track Changes” feature of Microsoft Word.
  • When collaborating on a document, you can see the text others are highlighting in anticipation of changes.
  • Six new web fonts stored in the cloud: Droid Serif, Droid Sanda, Calibri, Cambria, Corsiva, and Consolas.
  • Improved importing for Google Spreadsheets - Create new sheets from imported data, append it to the current sheet, add a sheet to the over spreadsheet, or even write over your current spreadsheet. Moreover, a preview pane shows exactly what you’re doing.
  • In-cell dropdowns and data validation for Google Spreadsheets mean that you can pre-set a range of data for a cell and avoid data entry typos.
  • New printing options, including selection printing and the ability to not print gridlines and potentially save ink.
  • Google Sites now supports drag-and-drop hierarchy reorganization.
As with all Google Apps updates, users got access to these new features as soon as their page refreshed.

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