SaaS: Minnesota Selects Microsoft BPOS

Microsoft apparently has scored a major coup in the cloud market. The software giant says as many as 33,000 State of Minnesota employees will be going over to their BPOS productivity and collaboration suite. Here’s the straight dope.

The reasons for the BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) migration given in the official Microsoft Online Services blog entry are what MSPmentor has come to expect: Microsoft highlights the platform’s security, availability, ease of migration, and low training requirements due to user familiarity with legacy Microsoft products.

Especially significant is the revelation, as per the Microsoft Bright Side of Government blog entry, that Minnesota’s BPOS deployment is hosted in dedicated cloud infrastructure with no access by other Microsoft customers and delivered over Minnesota’s secure network.

Still, we have to wonder if Minnesota’s BPOS deployment will still be prone to the cloud outages that characterized BPOS in September 2010.

Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but it’s significant insofar as it’s the first US state MSPmentor knows of that’s put all its employees on SaaS collaboration. In other words: it can’t be a happy day at the Googleplex, despite a constant barrage of PR diminishing Microsoft’s cloud efforts.

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