SaaS: Google Apps Enrolls In Maryland Schools

Google has announced that it’s continuing its SaaS momentum in the education space by way of a deal with the Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium (MEEC). The deal potentially puts the Google Apps productivity suite into every public K-12 district, every library, and every college both public and private in the state of Maryland. Here’s the scoop.

This isn’t the first time Google’s struck such a huge statewide education deal: The official blog post indicates that Oregon, Colorado, and Iowa’s own Google Apps migration were covered under such an arrangement. In Maryland’s case, the Google/MEEC deal means that Google will provide software resources and services to the association’s 194 members.

Another component of the deal is that MEEC member institutions are now allowed to license Google Postini-powered message security services that integrate with their messaging systems.

While the Google blog entry didn’t go into detail about why they made the switch to Google Apps, it’s probably safe to assume it’s for the usual reasons - low TCO, infrastructure savings, and enhanced mobility for on-the-go students. This is a major win for Google, and their first since Microsoft announced their new cloud customers back in July 2010.

The big question: Can small MSPs profit when Google Apps wins big State deployments? Seeking answers, MSPmentor intends to catch up with Google representatives during this week's CompTIA Breakaway conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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