SaaS Developer Backupify Launches New Google Apps Release

SaaS Developer Backupify Launches New Google Apps Release

rsz_robCloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solutions for software as a service (SaaS) applications developer Backupify released its latest enhanced set of backup and recovery features on Google Apps to support its offering for businesses. The company is not considering this release as a new version, but an enhancement of each of the company's plans, a company spokesperson told MSPmentor via email. What can we expect from the Backupify's "Spring Release for Google Apps," a phrase coined by the company? Here's what you need to know.

The company said that enhancements include more tools for managed services providers (MSPs) and users to manage their backup. Backupify has also added additional features in this release to assist administrators, including the following advanced data recovery and admin controls:

  • full domain export -- allows administrators to download a full copy of their entire domain for a fee. Whether responding to eDiscovery requests or satisfying internal requirements with an on-premise copy, the full domain export is a way to have your entire domain exported in a consumable format;
  • configurable data retention -- provides administrators with the ability to set a customized email retention period. This feature allows customers to respond to specific legal retention requirements or internal archiving policies;
  • batch import of users -- gives administrators the flexibility to upload lists of users without the need to pick and choose individuals. This feature is highly for implementing employee onboarding activities and for ongoing user management;
  • restore and export folder hierarchy -- allows users to keep their organizational structure intact when restoring or exporting an entire account; and
  • Google sites restore -- gives both end-users and administrators the ability to restore items back to their Google Sites accounts.
"Our updated Google Apps solution highlights Backupify's focus and commitment to enterprise organizations in need of a complete backup solution that prevents loss of important business information stored on the cloud," said Backupify CEO Rob May (pictured) in a prepared statement.

May added that the solution's latest features were integrated as a result of customer feedback.

Backupify Director of Marketing Kara Sweeney Egan said the company is always adding to features to its product. She also said the company normally announces a new set of features every quarter.

The company also added unlimited storage to both Professional and Enterprise plans.
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