SaaS: Amazon EC2 Gets Four New Large-Scale Features

Amazon EC2, the cloud computing platform-as-a-service pioneer, is adding four new features designed to help administrators manage larger deployments. The four features are resource tagging; resource filtering; user-specified RSA keys; indempotent instance launching. Here’s the scoop.

Those new features, in order, as per the Amazon Web Services blog post:

  • Resource tagging enables administrators to set user-friendly names and enhance “searchability” for your cloud infrastructure in the metadata.
  • Resource filtering is what it sounds like: set your criteria - like which instances are running in which Availability Zone - and get better visibility into your cloud.
  • Setting your own RSA keys (as opposed to using the AWS-provided ones) gives users full control over their private keys. It has the pleasant side-effect of allowing for the use of the same key across regions, simplifying login and management.
  • Indempotent instance launching is a simple concept with big utility: in the case of timeout or connection error, it won’t launch more instances than you initially intended, saving time and money.
Amazon Web Services is notorious for rapid-fire releasing iterative features, so it’s no surprise these came in a batch.

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