QuorumLabs Updates onQ Business Continuity Appliance

QuorumLabs has announced a new release of their onQ Business Continuity Appliance, giving MSPs with SMB customers one-click server recovery when disaster strikes, the company claims. Here’s the lowdown.

The new version of the onQ appliance doubles performance and capacity, according to QuorumLabs, allowing recovery for 25 virtual or physical servers per device. The company says it integrates technologies like replication, deduplication, snapshots, and continual virtualization into a single package, maintaining up-to-date VMs on a “bare-metal” hypervisor for fast recovery that requires no additional infrastructure.

Developer QuorumLabs is billing it as an easier, more affordable path to virtualization for companies that might otherwise not be able to afford such capabilities. Pricing starts at $15,000 for a pair of the appliances: one for your local rack, one for your colocation or other fallback facility. Though, of course, the savvy MSP will recognize the potential to host the remote appliance for their customer themselves, offering business continuity as a value-add through QuorumLabs’ partner program.

If this piqued your interest, we’re expecting more virtualization buzz at this week’s VMworld, so watch MSPmentor and The VAR Guy for more.

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