NTRglobal: Five Moves Worth Watching

I spent some time on the phone Sept. 17 with Andrew Harsch, VP of marketing for NTRglobal. The company, which specializes in remote support and remote control software, announced a major move in the government vertical this week. But I wanted to ask Harsch a range of questions about NTRglobal's partner strategy -- both with MSPs and with peer software providers. Here are five takeaways from the discussion.

1. Existing software relationships: NTRglobal works closely with ConnectWise and N-able on product integration efforts. Might there be room for NTRglobal to work more closely with additional PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) tools? The short answer is stay tuned, but Harsh concedes the effort may involve coopetition -- both cooperating and competing with some RMM tool makers.

2. Going Government: In case you missed the news, NTRglobal has qualified for a five-year General Services Administration (GSA) Information Technology (IT) Contract. Also known as Schedule 70, the contract helps government customers to more easily purchase IT products and services at www.gsa.gov.

Getting on the Schedule 70 is sort of like scoring shelf space at Best Buy: It doesn't guarantee people are going to buy your product, but you're suddenly on a shortlist of options that some people may otherwise have overlooked.

3. Franchises Take A Look: I can't go into details yet, but it sounds like a major IT services franchise is going to shake hands with NTRglobal very soon. Stay tuned.

4. Global Play: NTRglobal is headquarted in Barcelona, Spain -- giving the company solid footing in Europe. Plus the product is localized for multiple regions. The company has a growing footprint in North America and an office in Dallas. And Harsch mentions NTRglobal wants to continue partnering closely with peer software companies -- ConnectWise and N-able are mentioned again --to grow business in such regions as Australia.

5. Going Virtual: Watch for NTRglobal to launch a virtual appliance solution this fall.

Next moves: Ultimately, I'm curious to see how NTRglobal practices coopetition in the MSP software market. Former Novell CEO Ray Noorda coined the phrase coopetition to describe organizations that need to work together on some fronts but compete on others. A prime example would be Microsoft and Oracle. We'll be watching to see how NTRglobal practices that strategy with software peers.

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