NetApp, Desktone Team Up on Desktop as a Service

NetApp, Desktone Team Up on Desktop as a Service

Storage specialist NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) provider Desktone, Inc. are teaming up to simplify DaaS with a solution that they say reduces startup costs, removes design and management complexity and improves performance by integrating solutions from both companies. The goal is to make it easy for organizations to reap the benefits of an increasingly mobile world. Here are the details.

Built specifically for cloud delivery environments the new service combines technologies from both companies to offer a single infrastructure that is elastically scalable and cost efficient with security designed in at the application, network, and storage layers, the companies said. Customers get the privacy they need but in a multi-tenant environment.

“Desktops as a Service represents a high revenue opportunity. NetApp and Desktone’s enterprise-ready desktops as a service solution enables service providers to deliver on-demand, cost-effective solutions that allow enterprise IT to more easily meet their end-user business objectives,” said Brendon Howe, VP, Product and Solutions Marketing at NetApp, in a prepared statement.

The service relies on NetApp storage technologies including thin provisioning and deduplication. NetApp says it enables the near-instant provisioning of new virtual desktops. NetApp Integrated Data Protection features allow service providers to deliver enterprise-level data protection including point-in-time backups for user data, self-restore, and data archiving.

The following is a look at the new offering’s capabilities:

  • Multi-tenancy. Enables service providers to securely deliver desktops to multiple customers from one platform.
  • Fast, low overhead provisioning. FlexClone® technology enables near-instant provisioning of new desktops for users with little or no additional compute requirements.
  • Administration self-service portal. Easy-to-use portal helps service providers or customers to manage desktop images, virtual machines, user assignments, and desktop support.
  • Integrated reporting and billing systems. APIs support service provider-based business operations.
  • Scale Out Architecture. Grid-based compute architecture tested to support up to 1,000,000 desktops from one platform and infrastructure.
  • Complementary add-on services. Easily add home directories, group shares, and automated backup of user data with NetApp storage features.
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