N-able Gets Roaring Penguin for Anti-Spam, Email Filtering

N-able Gets Roaring Penguin for Anti-Spam, Email Filtering

It's now official.  Roaring Penguin Software has teamed up with N-able Technology to provide anti-spam and email filtering software to N-able's MSP partners under the name Security Manager Anti Spam. The offering from N-able has actually been available for the last year, but the companies have only just now gone public with their alliance. The solution that is available through N-able gives MSPs access to both a hosted anti-spam service and a multi-tenant software solution.

According to Roaring Penguin, its software combines high-performance products with ease of setup and administration, making it ideal for small and medium enterprise environments.  In addition, the software can be can be clustered to handle very large mail volumes.  All versions of the software feature automatic updates.

The offering is based on Roaring Penguin's CanIt line of anti-spam solutions, first offered in 2002, according to the company's co-founder and CEO David Skoll. Skoll told MSPmentor that while the company would sell to "anyone who had a domain" back then,  the target in those early days was larger organizations and educational institutions. One of Roaring Penguin's largest customers is the organization that provides email filtering to all the research and educational organizations in the Netherlands for over one million seats, Skoll said.

The market has changed over the last ten years, according to Skoll. "When we first started out, you could call anyone up and they wouldn't have anything for anti-spam. Now the market is much more crowded most sales are replacement sales."

N-able VP of marketing and business development Derik Belair had this to say about the deal announcement:  "Our long-term relationship with Roaring Penguin makes it easy to OEM the CanIt anti-spam solution.  Our confidence in the software has grown to the point where we are as confident in it as something we developed in-house."

The fact that both N-able and Roaring Penguin are based in Ottawa?  Just a coincidence, said Skoll.

N-able's Partner Summit is scheduled for Oct. 24-26 in Montreal


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