MSPmentor 250: Aggarwal, Zyrion Focus on VisualIT Component

MSPmentor 250: Aggarwal, Zyrion Focus on VisualIT Component

Vikas Aggarwal Headshot MSPmentor 250 member Vikas Aggarwal (pictured), CEO of Zyrion Inc., has been in the managed services industry for over two decades. He's been the general manager of GES Internet, led the engineering effort at Verio, had a heavy head in the transition from Arpanet to NSFnet while with JvNCnet, and is an active TiE Silicon Valley charter member with four patents in distributed computing and processing for network management applications.

But Aggarwal's most recent work with Zyrion is what lands him on the MSPmentor 250 list. Zyrion provides BSM (business service management) and IT infrastructure monitoring software for the government vertical, MSPs and the enterprise. I spoke with Aggarwal to find out how he envisions the future of the MSP sector.

"We [Zyrion] believe at the end of the day it is essential for larger MSPs that we service to get a visual service-oriented representation of their customers' IT infrastructure," Aggarwal said. "You can't just monitor a bunch of servers and routers. You need to know what's important to your customers. That's the demand we hear from larger MSPs who get it."

When Aggarwal broke into the network monitoring space, MSPs were seen only as a way to outsource IT departments. Now, he says, customers want MSPs to get to the core of their network problems. So Zyrion focuses on giving IT operators a complete service-centric view of their clients' environment so that they can categorize all of the equipment. "We've seen success in the market because of our business service management," Aggarwal continued. "It lets MSPs visualize the IT infrastructure from the services point of view."

Aggarwal referred to virtualization and cloud-computing as "the two big industry game changers." Now more than ever, he says, larger MSPs have customers demanding service containers to categorize all of their equipment.

Zyrion's response? The company will soon release new functionality to help further simplify network monitoring. "The new release will include more intelligence in how we process performance data. It will tell MSPs and their clients what's important and what's not. They [MSP's] will be able to eliminate the stuff that's irrelevant and make it easier for clients to prioritize their needs."

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