MSPintegrations Plugs Manage Services Software Into Autotask

In recent weeks, we've been blogging quite a bit about MSP middleware companies -- software developers that plug applications into PSA platforms like ConnectWise and Autotask. But how exactly does MSP middleware work? I caught up with Travis Austin, founder of MSPintegrations, to get some answers. Our conversation includes a FastChat video, in which Austin explains his business model and the implications for managed services providers.

First, a little background: MSPintegrations (an Autotask-focused business) and Directive Technology Integrators (developer of JoomConnect for ConnectWise).

I believe that MSPintegrations and Directive represent an emerging market opportunity, where some MSPs evolve their businesses to write software that helps peer MSPs. The latest example involves MSPintegrations plugging SonicWall into Autotask. Another example will likely involve new software from Greg Donovan, CEO of Alpheon, an MSP that's set to take the stage at Autotask Community Live later this morning.

A Closer Look

But what exactly is managed services middleware? And how are people like Travis Austin at MSPintegrations helping MSPs to plug applications into Autotask? Austin shared some thoughts yesterday in this FastChat video:

Listen to Austin closely and the message seems clear: PSA platforms like Autotask and ConnectWise are evolving beyond ticketing dashboards. They are, in many ways, ISVs platforms for managing entire businesses. Will more companies follow the trail blazed by MSPintegrations, Directive and Alpheon? We'll be watching and listening for answers.

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