MSP Veterans Launch Cloud Education Efforts

MSP Veterans Launch Cloud Education Efforts

The lines between cloud computing and managed services continue to blur. The latest example: MSP University, ChannelCloud and ClearCenter are set to to launch a cloud education, training and certification effort in 2011. An official announcement is expected sometime around December 8. In the meantime here's a preview.

First, a little background on each organization.

  • MSP University hosts boot camps worldwide, educating VARs and aspiring MSPs that want to generate recurring revenues.
  • ChannelCloud is an emerging cloud platform for VARs and MSPs that want to transform into Cloud Integrators. CEO Kent Erickson is well-known within MSP circles, having built Pointivity, a successful MSP.
  • ClearCenter, which promotes an open source Linux platform for network, gateway and server services.
MSP University has extensive education on the channel front, hosting well-known boot camps across the globe. Meanwhile, Erickson at ChannelCloud has previously trained scores of MSPs. And ClearCenter CEO Michael Proper has actively evangelized open source as a means to disrupt traditional IT market.

Partnerships are always tricky to develop and maintain. But it sounds like MSPU, ChannelCloud and ClearCenter have a common interest: Educating MSPs to embrace hybrid cloud services. An official announcement about their combined efforts is expected December 8.

Both MSPmentor and Talkin' Cloud (huh, what's that?) will be watching the trio closely in 2011.

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