The MSP Software Landscape: Autotask's Views

The MSP Software Landscape: Autotask's Views

bob_vogelAs Kaseya introduces some PSA capabilities and ConnectWise Capital invests in LabTech, I reached out to Autotask for their views on the MSP software market, the competitive landscape, and product interoperability. Autotask Chief Marketing Officer Bob Vogel (pictured) responded to my inquiry with several key points. Here they are.

MSPmentor: I think LabTech and Autotask currently integrate. Do you see that integration work continuing, or does the ConnectWise Capital-LabTech deal basically make a LabTech relationship with Autotask a non-starter?

Vogel: Our business strategy is to provide equal access to our API to any vendor who wants to develop an integration with us. Autotask’s relationship with LabTech and our other RMM partners is non-exclusive. We have no intention of getting into the RMM business. There are a lot of fine tools out there that meet different needs for different types of MSPs. Our goal is to give the greatest number of choices to our large base of diverse MSPs and solution providers around the world.

MSPmentor: Kaseya is adding some limited PSA to its Kaseya 2 platform. I concede: I don't know exactly what that means in terms of long-term functionality... especially since I don't run the software myself. Still, with the Kaseya 2 PSA effort in any way (A) impact Autotask's relationship with Kaseya and (B) influence Autotask's own software strategy?

Vogel: Today we have a very solid integration between the Autotask and Kaseya products, and a lot of joint customers are happily using both products together. I don’t see this changing over the near-term. And honestly, this has no impact on our own software strategy.

MSPmentor: Completely different question: I noticed on Feb. 16 Autotask announced the latest release of Go! and Pro. Aside from the bullet points in the press release, is there anything you can say about Autotask's global reach? Are you seeing any momentum in terms of growth outside of U.S.? Number of users?

Vogel: Yes, indeed. Autotask is a global software company, and we factor that into everything we do with the product, and with our communications. Autotask is growing in North America and in all other geographies around the world, with about 20% of our current customer base outside the US.

Equal Time

In the days and weeks ahead, MSPmentor will strive to offer equal time to a range of MSP-centric companies. But the news is moving pretty quickly these days. If you spot a company, technology or trend that you think we're overlooking please let me know (joe [at] In the meantime, we'll keep working to connect our readers with industry thought leaders.
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