Microsoft to Google: Up Your Customer Service Game

Microsoft to Google: Up Your Customer Service Game

In a blog post entitled “Microsoft’s Support Sets Us Apart,” Barbara Gordon, corporate VP, Microsoft Customer Service and Support, accuses Google Apps of not providing the level of support end-users need. Here’s the scoop.

“When was the last time you called Google for help recovering a lost Google Doc,” Gordon asks in her blog entry, dated June 28th. “Were you even able to find a number? My guess is, no.”

Gordon then goes on to praise Microsoft’s array of support options, including traditional phone and email support, the automated Microsoft Fix It, the Microsoft Answers community answer base, and for larger enterprises, consulting services to optimize Microsoft Office and SharePoint deployments and train users ahead of time.

A Google spokesperson had this to say in response to Microsoft’s harsh words:

Generally Google Docs users don't need help recovering 'lost' documents, as their documents are backed up in the multiple data  centers in the cloud. This is more safe and secure than storing data on a single computer. Of course, we provide full support for all of our paying customers, including 24/7 phone support, and our partners play a key role in offering higher touch assistance, like change management support and end user training, for those who need it.

Anyone who’s watching the SaaS productivity space doesn’t need to be told that Microsoft and Google have been going back and forth like this for months, each trying to dig away at the other’s marketshare.

It’s worth noting, however, that while Google tends -- emphasis on “tends” -- to keep their digs at least somewhat subtle, focusing more on what they do have rather than what Microsoft doesn’t, Microsoft seems to enjoy digging away at weaknesses of Google and their Google Apps suite wherever they find them.

Will VARs and MSPs take sides or avoid the showdown all together?

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