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Long View: Managed Services Plus Cloud Services Equals Growth

Sponsored Video: Long View Systems is perhaps best known as a managed services provider. But the Calgary-based solutions provider also has a strong track record within the cloud computing market. We can't share the numbers quite yet, but it's safe to say Long View will have a prominent spot on the fourth-annual MSPmentor 100 list when it debuts February 16, 2011. So what is Long View doing right? Kevin Crowe, director of managed IT services, provides some insights in this FastChat Video.

Crowe sees three key trends driving Long View's momentum. They include:  Microsoft-centric product refreshes; collaboration solutions from Cisco Systems and Microsoft; and game-changing cloud technologies.

Long View has provided remote customer management and monitoring for more than a decade, and now maintains more than 37,000 customer desktops and mobile devices, and more than 17,000 servers and networking devices. Plus, Long View remains in growth mode: Recurring revenues grew about 45 percent from 2009 through 2010, according to our MSPmentor 100 survey results, and the company is climbing toward 800 employees.

Now, Long View is offering infrastructure as a service and hosted services, which are a natural extension to the company's history in the MSP space. Long View's enterprise partners are embracing private cloud opportunities, while SMB clientele are pushing toward the public cloud, he adds.

The key to success: Joint ventures and strategic alliances "are going to be huge," so that MSPs and VARs can bring holistic solutions to end-customers.

Long View's growth includes close relationships with such companies as Citrix Systems, Cisco Systems and Microsoft. In 2010, Long View was named Cisco's Canadian Collaboration Partner of the Year and Data Centre/Virtualization Partner of the Year.

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