LogicMonitor: Another RMM Tool for Data Center Management?

LogicMonitor: Another RMM Tool for Data Center Management?

The remote monitoring and management (RMM) software market is getting pretty darn crowded. The latest company to catch our eye is LogicMonitor, which promotes a data center monitoring solution to managed services providers. True believers include IT Solutions of Philadelphia, Pa. and Bellwether Technology of New Orleans, La. Here's the update.

Just a reminder: MSPmentor doesn't actually test or use RMM software. So we're not in a position to recommend one monitoring tool over another. Even if we were hands-on RMM experts, we'd recommend that you personally test multiple solutions to determine which one best fits your business needs.

All that said the RMM market seems to be bursting at the seams with competitors. So where does LogicMonitor potentially fit in the discussion? The company claims to automate data center monitoring. On the one hand, that means LogicMonitor isn't necessarily trying to compete with a lengthy list of SMB monitoring tools for PCs, notebooks and small business servers. But on the other hand it sounds like LogicMonitor will try to compete with the likes of Nimsoft (now owned by CA Technologies), which has lined up a range of large and mid-market data center customers.

In order to raise its visibility, LogicMonitor points to two recent MSP wins:

  • IT Solutions, for instance, uses LogicMonitor to monitor real-time performance of the company's own data center, or remotely view performance data for any one of our client locations, according to a prepared statement from the company.
  • Also, Bellwether Technology Corp., says LogicMonitor offers more detailed information than traditional event-based monitoring, according to a prepared statement.
LogicMonitor claims MSPs can deploy the SaaS solution in under an hour. The company also partners up with NetApp, VMware and Citrix -- three strong indications that LogicMonitor really is focused on data center monitoring.

That all sounds promising. But like we said: The RMM market is fiercely competitive with entreched rivals. Plus, new potential rivals -- in the United States, Europe and even Australia/New Zealand -- are popping up all the time.

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