LiveTime 6.5: Service Desk Meets Cloud Computing

LiveTime Software -- an on-premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) ITSM service desk provider -- has released LiveTime 6.5. So what's in it for channel partners and customers?  LiveTime Software President Darren Williams gave me some perspectives.

"The big advantage for our customers is that it's a software-as-a-service," Williams noted. "They can have access from anywhere at anytime. There's also more desktop-based interactivity. It's provided as a virtual image so you can have it in house or off site." LiveTime 6.5 claims to be the first cloud ITSM solution based on HTML5, something that Williams said gives clients more flexibility.

Moreover, LiveTime 6.5  has new extensions for programs like Novell ZENworks 11 and operates as a single system that contains all of a client's log-in information. "Pre-integration is key," Williams said. "Everyone has a lot of different products, and we want to support those products." Another new note-worthy feature: a  menu-style report builder that lets clients select the data they want to see. "It's a wizard-based approach  to reporting," Williams continued. In all, LiveTime 6.5 is pre-integrated with over 40 different user applications.

LiveTime has been building up to the release of LiveTime 6.5 for the last two months. The company integrated its help desk with Google Docs at the end of May 2011 and launched HTML5 service management for MSPs in early July 2011. LiveTime will be rolling out 6.5 to its customers over the next few weeks. The SaaS version of LiveTime 6.5 costs between $100 to 149 per technician each month.

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